Edu Save

An education‐specific savings account opened in the name of the beneficiary and designed to support education through primary,  secondary school and university years. 


  • Very low minimum opening balance 
  •  Convenient way to save small amounts for the child’s education 
  • Competitive interest rate


  • Secondary School Students   High School Students 
  •  University Students  
  • Students in Tertiary Institutions  Parents with minors who wish to save for their children’s  future/education


  • Copy of valid NIC 
  •  *02 Photos 4X4 format
  • Birth certificate Location plan/ utility bill 

 a) Minors   

  •  Valid Identification of Parents/Guardian: 
  • National Identity Cards 
  • International Passport 
  • Child’s birth certificate 
  •  4 passport size photographs each of Child and Parents 
  •  Address Verification 
  • Receipt/evidence of utility bill e.g. water, electricity, etc 
  •  Alternative of utility bill can be a localization plan 
  • Initial deposit of at least XAF 5.000   

b) Students   

  •  Copy of valid NIC  
  • 02 Photos 4X4 format 
  •  Student ID/ any other proof