Mobile e-banking

Discover your NFC Bank mobile banking   Take control of your account, at home or on the go with NFC Bank’s  mobile banking services. Your banking services anywhere anytime. 


  • It is convenient: you can check your balances, make online  payments and transfer money between accounts from the comfort of  your home or office. 
  • Be safe: it’s risky sometimes to carry cash around.
  • Cut banking costs:  Processing paper checks is time consuming and  can be expensive. You can avoid some of these costs by taking  advantage of automated tools. 
  • The Bank comes to you:  Bank on your terms and your schedule.
  • Save time: Access your account anywhere, anytime. 
  • Banking transactions are secured: NFC Bank provides multiple layers  of data security to protect your information. 

How to register on mobile:

  1. Download the NFC Bank Mobile Banking Application  from Google Play, App Store or directly from the Web. 
  2. Open the Application, select your preferred language  and click on NEW USER.
  3. Read and accept the terms and conditions in the Mobile  Banking Application. 
  4. Enter a Customer and a User ID that will be used to log  into the NFC Bank Mobile Banking Application portal.   
  5. Enter your Bank registered mobile phone number and  your date of birth,. You will receive a 4 digit one time  code in your cell phone and registered email address. 
  6.  Set up a 6 to 16 strong alpha numerical PASSWORD  and confirm it. 
  7.  Enter the 4 digit code received and press enter. You  are done.