Corporate Governance

NFC Bank’s corporate governance model is based on service minded leadership working to uphold the Bank’s core values. NFC Bank has established a sound governance structure that is in line with best practices particularly at the executive or operational levels.

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Organisational structure

The bank is managed by the General Manager who is supported by a team of seasoned managers with varying professional backgrounds.

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Corporate values

The NFC Core Values include (T.R.I.M.S) Transparency, Resilience, Innovation, Modesty, and Stewardship:

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Compliance is a key factor in Business today. Hence, NFC Bank ensures that its business is carried out in full compliance with regulatory requirements, good governance and high level of integrity.

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Internal audit system

NFC Bank has a structured internal Audit System which provides independent assurance that the bank’s risk management, governance and internal control processes are operating effectively.

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Risk Management

NFC bank has put in place appropriate mitigating measures to reduce or eliminate the exposures.