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At NFC Bank you will find an account that suits your needs be you a civil servant, a private sector employee, a parent, a student, a non resident, a business person.

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Current accounts

Our NFC Bank current accounts provide you all you need for your everyday banking.

Savings Accounts

Let NFC Bank help you achieve your goals. Saving is different for everyone. It’s personal. Some save for a long-planned dream, while others just want to ensure they’re set for the unexpected that could be just around the corner. Others save to buy a car, a home, start a business, for children’s education etc. But no matter what you’re saving for, when you have a plan, you can feel confident knowing you’re ready for anything.
Find the savings solution that fits where you are and where you want to be.

Terms & time deposit

NFC bank operates time deposit or term deposit (also known as a certificate of deposit) which is an interest-bearing bank deposit with a specified period of maturity.

Non-Resident Cameroonian (NRC) Accounts

NRC Current Account

A unique banking service customized for Cameroonians living abroad. It encompasses a portfolio of products and banking services.

NRC Savings Account

It is a savings account customised for Cameroonians living abroad.

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