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At NFC Bank you will find an account that suits your needs be you a civil servant, a private sector employee, a parent, a student, a non resident, a business person.

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Current accounts

Our NFC Bank current accounts provide you all you need for your everyday banking.

Personal Checking Account - Civil Servants

A current account meant for the salary of civil servants.

Personal Checking Account - Non Civil Servants

A current account meant for the salary of individuals in the private sector.

Personal Checking Account - Non Salary Earners

A current account for the business activities of inviduals.

Group Current Account

An account meant for transaction activities, clubs and associations.

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Joint Personal Account

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Buy and Sellam

Are you a “buyam – sellam”, this current account is meant to boost your business activities.

Savings Accounts

Let NFC Bank help you achieve your goals. Saving is different for everyone. It’s personal. Some save for a long-planned dream, while others just want to ensure they’re set for the unexpected that could be just around the corner. Others save to buy a car, a home, start a business, for children’s education etc. But no matter what you’re saving for, when you have a plan, you can feel confident knowing you’re ready for anything.
Find the savings solution that fits where you are and where you want to be.

Edu Save

An education-specific savings account opened in the name of the beneficiary and designed to support education through primary, secondary school and university years.

Micro Save

Designed to encourage low-savers, the un-banked and the under-banked to have a savings account in a Commercial Bank.

Student's Package

NFC Bank, a reliable national partner for our future leaders. NFC bank understands that students have unique banking needs. Open your account with a minimum account balance of just XAF 2500.

Personal Savings Account

An account that enables you to save money regularly and allows you instant cash withdrawals without notice or charge.

Joint Savings Account

It is an account with characteristics of a normal savings account but with two signatories. The two signatories can make deposits and withdraw money from the account.

Halal Save

It is a Savings account for Muslim individuals, business men and women in compliant with the Islamic religious laws.

Terms & time deposit

NFC bank operates time deposit or term deposit (also known as a certificate of deposit) which is an interest-bearing bank deposit with a specified period of maturity.

Non-Resident Cameroonian (NRC) Accounts

NRC Current Account

A unique banking service customized for Cameroonians living abroad. It encompasses a portfolio of products and banking services.

NRC Savings Account

It is a savings account customised for Cameroonians living abroad.

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