NRC Accounts

NRC account is a unique banking service customized for Cameroonians  living abroad. It encompasses a portfolio of products and banking  services specially designed for non‐resident Cameroonians, all  employed and unemployed.

The products available to NRCs include; 

  • NRC Current Account 
  • NRC Savings Account 


NRC Current Account   

  •  Allows payment orders to third parties 
  • E‐mail/SMS alerts on account 
  •  Personalized cheque booklets 
  • Option of a Nominee Resident Joint Signatory in Cameroon (e.g.  spouse, parents…) 
  • Access to credit facilities 

NRC Savings Account 


  •  ATM Cards 
  • Internet banking   SMS banking  Email alerts  Personalized banking 
  • It is an easy and cheaper way for home remittances for NRC  account holders 
  • Account serves as a major savings for NRC account holders 
  • Account can be used to settle payments for eligible transactions at  home and abroad 
  •  Free network transactions across all NFC Bank’s branches in  Cameroon


  • Completion of NRC Account Opening Form 
  • 2 passport size photographs 
  •  Proof of source of funds – recent pay slip, work ID, letter of  reference from current bankers, business registration documents if  self employed 
  •  Proof of address – utility bill for the last 2 months or bank  statement for the last 6 months 
  •  Proof of Identification – driver’s license, international passport,  resident permit or work permit 
  •  Attestation of all requisite documents by any of the following;  Notary Public or Cameroon Embassy. 
NB: All documents required are the customer’s foreign documents and at least one transfer must leave the customer’s foreign bank into  his/her NRC account else the account shall be blocked.