It is NFC Bank’s Policy to attract, develop and retain the best qualified professionals in the job market, in order to ensure that the Bank meets its  global objectives.  NFC Bank believes that its success depends on maintaining  a dynamic and diverse work‐force that is qualified and capable of handling future challenges and supporting the strategic objectives of the business.

It is also, the Bank’s policy to provide equal employment opportunities to  Cameroonians of all Regions regardless of sex, religion or disability.  We are  building a culture free of discrimination, tribalism and favouritism. NFC Bank  promotes a human resource management style that maintains the overall  staffing in the business at optimal levels in order to manage costs effectively.

The sole criterion for recruitment or promotion is suitability of the  applicant for the job.  Priority is given to Cameroonians without  discrimination as to disability, religion, gender, sexual orientation, marital  status or race.

The recruitment of non‐nationals in NFC Bank is based on their expertise and  in areas where there are no available nationals for the position.  This policy is  subject to the laws in force.    If you aspire to develop a career in the banking industry and you have all the necessary  qualifications and skills then you are free to join NFC Bank. For  information on vacancies click here.