Nous sommes un point de référence pour des services de transfert d'argent pratiques et rapides.

Carry out your local and international transfer through our remittance services. We are a reference point for convenient and swift money transfer because we are customer-centric in our approach to service delivery. We focus on:

  • Selling convenience
  • Country-wide coverage
  • Responsive to customer preferences and market trends.

Un service de transfert d'argent international, qui permet aux particuliers du monde entier d'envoyer et de recevoir de l'argent rapidement et facilement.


  • Log on to the NFC Mobile Banking App
  •   Click on the menu QUICK PAY
  • Select account to be debited 
  •  Click on the sub‐menu QR Pay 
  • phone camera opens 
  •  Point the phone camera to the QR‐Code  pattern of your merchant 
  • Move the camera on the pattern until the  image is recognized 
  • Your Merchant’s account name & mobile  number will appear 
  •  Input the amount you want to transfer  to  merchant and remarks 
  •  Click on Transfer 
  • Enter OTP (code) sent to your registered  mobile number 
  • Click on Save receipt 
  •  Your merchant receives a message carrying  your name and amount paid 
  • Click on Done 
  •  Transaction ends

Flex pay

Un service unique de transfert d'argent local dans la banque NFC, qui permet aux individus et aux groupes d'envoyer et de recevoir de l'argent rapidement et facilement.