Nous sommes une entreprise citoyenne de reference ; nous le demontrons a travers nos activites et nos pratiques de gouvernance par le biais de nos ceuvres sociales.

Nos services à l'humanité

NFC Bank is committed to being a socially responsible company and a role model to the State and the citizens of Cameroon and beyond. The Bank has been contributing immensely in driving human progress by putting its products and services to work in improving the social status of the people.

Nos domaines d’intervention

Notre personnel expérimenté

In line with management efforts to create a conduisive working environment for its employees based on mutual trust and respect, and in which diversity and inclusion is valued, NFC Bank practices non-discrimination in employment with respect to race, sex, religion, political opinions, social origins, age and disability. The bank has also put in place an education fund for career growth.

Notre communauté

NFC Bank is conscious of the social impact its activities are having on the local communities by collaborating with government establishments, contractors and other stakeholders to generate economic benefits, create opportunities for an improved quality of life.

L’économie locale

NFC Bank is a role model committed in building long term relations with local communities by encouraging and giving priority to local firms and support local events through sponsorship/partnership for support and placement in the market.